Trust Summary

The Pennsylvania Opioid Misuse and Addiction Abatement Trust (the “Trust”) was established by Order (“Order”) of the Honorable Lori Dumas of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania on July 15, 2022. The Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees consisting of thirteen members.

The Trust receives funds from settlements entered into by the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and various opioid manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacy chains concerning alleged wrongdoing related to the marketing, sale, and distribution of opioids. The Trust distributes those settlement funds to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and political subdivisions for use by those entities exclusively to abate the opioid crisis in Pennsylvania. The distribution of those funds by the Trust is governed by terms set forth in the Order. The Trust is also charged with the task of receiving annual reports of settlement fund usage by the Commonwealth and its political subdivisions to insure that except for very limited, defined circumstances, all distributed funds are devoted to opioid abatement. 

Other Resources

You may read more about the trust in the following documents

PA Opioid Trust Order

Exhibit E - List of Opioid Remediation Uses



Thomas Van Kirk, Esq.
(appointed by the Governor)

Shea Madden - Executive Director 
West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission 
(appointed by County Commissioners/Executives of the Northeastern Pennsylvania Region)

The Honorable Kevin Boozel 
Commissioner, Butler County                                                                               
(appointed by County Commissioners/Executives of the Southwestern
Pennsylvania Region)

Erin Dalton
Director Allegheny County Department of Human Services
(appointed by the Allegheny County Executive)

 Secretary Lakita Davis- Jones
Acting Secretary Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs
(appointed by the Governor)

 The Honorable Gene DiGirolamo
Commissioner, Bucks County
(appointed by County Commissioners/Executives of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Region)

 The Honorable Jim Gregory
 Pennsylvania State Representative, District 80 
(appointed by the House Republican Caucus)


Steve Jasper
Community Connections Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Administrator Clearfield and Jefferson Counties
(appointed by County Commissioners/Executives of the Northwestern Pennsylvania Region)

The Honorable Robert Postal
Commissioner, Mifflin County
(appointed by County Commissioners/Executives of the Capital Region)

The Honorable Greg Rothman
Pennsylvania Senate District 34
(appointed by the Senate Republican Caucus)


 The Honorable Mark Rozzi
 Pennsylvania State Representative, District 126 
(appointed by the House Democratic Caucus)


 The Honorable Christine Tartaglione 
Pennsylvania Senate District 2 
(appointed by the Senate Democratic Caucus)


Dr. H. Jean Wright II
Deputy Commissioner Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Services Philadelphia
(appointed by the Hon. James Kenney, Mayor Of Philadelphia)